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Sunday, October 22, 2006

funny links and other stuff

I know. I know. I've posted this link before; but...I just can't help it and want to be sure the rest of you have the opportunity to snort and snicker, too. It is Miss Information. Again.

And since I am being insensitive, I must note that John Mandeville has posted on Geoffrey Chaucer's blog. Oh, and just one more, Katherine de Swyneford has a new post. How can you resist a post titled "Constaunze is swych a bitche!" Of course, the conflict is an old one, but still...

I received my advanced edition of The Ravenscar Dynasty by Barbara Bradford yesterday. The title will be released on in December. I was gone all afternoon and checked the mail when I got home around 7:30 and found it. :)

Danielle and others received the same email...some accepted the offer. Danielle also posted a link to Isabella's blog for an entry about review etiquette. I like the Edwardian period and hope that I'll enjoy the book. I enjoy a wide variety of books so it shouldn't be a problem. The only other offer I had for a review copy was after I'd reviewed a book by the same author.

I now have a surfeit of books:
- a huge Robin Hobbs tome
-City of Bones by Michael Connolly
-The Ravenscar Dynasty
-about 8 books on order (mentioned in previous posts) and a few that have just been hanging around waiting for me (that makes a total of about 15 books either in a pile or on the way)

I've finished Wild Swans and Falling in Love with Natassia and will review them later, right now, I'm off to spend this beautiful afternoon with my husband.

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  1. I added Miss Information to my RSS feed list. Very funny stories.

    If anyone can tackle that pile of books, you can. Have fun with it!