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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Recommended by...

After reading "favourite" on A Fair Substitute for Heaven, receiving The Indextrious Reader's comment on yesterday's post recommending Leslie de Charms' biography on Elizabeth Von Arnim, and announcing my own desire to read more by Morag Joss, I placed an Amazon order. I now have L.M. Montgomery's The Blue Castle, De Charms' biography Elizabeth of the German Garden, Elizabeth Von Arnim's Elizabeth and Her German Garden, (my interest in Von Arnim was revived by Jill's post), and Morag Joss' Puccini's Ghosts on order. They won't be delivered until the first week of August--so maybe today or tomorrow, a trip to the library will be in order.

Right now, I've just finished The Chess Machine (which I thoroughly enjoyed) and have the new Maisie Dobbs' mystery waiting by my chair. Oh, yes, there are others as well, but the Winspear and Maisie are calling to me, and I'm in the mood for a mystery and some characters I haven't visited for a while.


  1. Thanks to last year's RIP Challenge I have The Blue Castle awaiting me for this year's. Also thanks to great internet bloggers my wife was the recipient of the Maise Dobbs books for Christmas and she has thoroughly enjoyed them.

  2. I plan on looking for that bio of Von Arnim. I loved Elizabeth and Her German Garden, which I read earlier this year. I plan on reading more by her. Also this post made me pick up The Chess Machine and start it--it is very good so far. I also have the Joss book--she seems like someone I would really like--I need to pull that book many books to read....

  3. Let us know if you like the Von Arnim bio, that sounds really interesting...

  4. The Blue Castle...I'm sure that's not an "Anne" book, but is it a juvenille or written for adults?

  5. Each time someone mentions Maisie I wonder why I haven't read any of those books!! I really must move those mysteries to the top of the pile.

  6. Carl - I've got quite a long list of possible novels for the RIP Challenge this year, so I'm probably going to read the Blue Castle as soon as it arrives. I've enjoyed all of the Maisie Dobbs series and love that post-Great War setting.

    Danielle - I'm just beginning my Von Arnim stage, but am looking forward to it. Hope you enjoy The Chess Machine..."enjoy" may not be quite the word for Half Broken Things,"appreciate" may be better.

    G.R. - I can't wait to get my copy, and I'll certainly let you know.

    Bybee - I'd never heard of it before reading the review by "melrose plant" of A Fair Substitute for Heaven's review. I believe this one was written for adults.

  7. Heather - you and I must have been typing at the same time! Winspear has created some interesting characters and a glimpse into the early part of the 20th century - from WWI through the 1920's. I love a good mystery series and hope you'll give Maisie
    Dobbs a try.

  8. Ah The Blue Castle is wonderful! My copy has a cover that screams Harlequin Romance so I was hesitant to read it at first. I shouldn't have waited so long, it was such a feel good kind of book.
    I've got the Morag Joss books on my TBR list. They sound good.

  9. iliana - Ahhh, another fan of The Blue Castle! :) I had to look at several cover possibilities before ordering because the first one was exactly the Harlequinn Romance sort of thing. Can't wait for it to arrive as I always love "feel good" book!