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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I have two challenges that begin in September: The Unread Author Challenge over at Sycorax Pine and Carl's R.I.P. II.

Pour of Tor at Sycorax Pine is sponsoring The Unread Author Challenge -- We all have authors that we have intended to read, but who have for some reason never made it past the "intention." This challenge encourages us to pick some of those authors and read. The challenge runs from September to February, which is a good thing because one of the M.F.K. Fisher books I've chosen is over 600 pages.

Here are the 6 I've chosen (and have on hand) for this challenge:

  1. Long Ago in France: The Years in Dijon M.F.K. Fisher (finished)
  2. The Art of Eating M.F.K. Fisher
  3. Shadow and Evil in Fairy Tales Marie-Louise von Franz
  4. Emily Dickinson is Dead Jane Langston
  5. Dissolution C. J. Sansom (finished)
  6. Season of the Witch Natasha Mostert (finished)
Now, here's the thing...

--the first two by M.F.K. Fisher fit in the memoir/biographical category that I've challenged myself to work on this year

--the first three (Fisher and von Franz) are nonfiction, another one of my personal challenges, and the von Franz also fits into my reading on fairy tale and myth

--#'s 4-5 will fit into the R.I.P. Challenge

R.I.P. (Readers Imbibing Peril) : The Autumn Reading Challenge runs from September 1 - October 31 and involves reading gothic tales or tales of suspense, reading about witches or haunted houses, tales of terror or the supernatural. The list of possibilities I've chosen are listed here. And, of course, #'s 4-5 in the above list.

And now two more possible challenges that I discovered at Chris' Stuff as Dreams are Made On -- the Themed Reading Challenge and the Cardathon Challenge. Have not decided what my "theme" will be --maybe travel books since I'm accumulating a hefty list of these that I'd like to read.

Finished Mademoiselle Victorine and have started Bridge of Sighs. Oh, many thanks to Stefanie, because I'm already captivated with Russo's latest. Yet another beautifully written work.


  1. Actually, The Art of Eating is an omnibus of about 5 books, so in reality you're attempting 10 books for The Unread Author Challenge. Hurray for courageous reading!


  2. I just keep thinking that the challenges are going to slow down...then NEW ones keep popping up! I'm having a horrible time trying to resist!

  3. Orpheus -- OMG, no wonder it is so long! I just went and looked at it, and it includes Consider the Oyster so I'll be getting to your recommendation sooner than expected!

    Stephanie -- Where is our will power?
    Have to say, though, that some are real challenges and some are simply the opportunity to wallow in what I enjoy. Nevertheless, I will join no more this year... :0

  4. Oh no, now you are mentioning other challenges I'm tempted by :)
    I like the way some of your books overlap. I should do try to do that for future challenges so I can actually finish some! ha,ha...

  5. I've always meant to read MFK Fisher--she sounds like a fascinating person! I have lots of authors, though, that I have always intended to read...if I didn't already have lots of reading plans going I would join that one, too1

  6. iliana -- :) Overlapping is a great concept! Actually, it hasn't been that long ago that I saw the Jane Langston mystery mentioned on your blog and said I wanted to read some of her books.

    danielle -- I knew this challenge was for me because saying, "I'm gonna' read ______" gets old after a few years, and I've been saying that about M.F.K. Fisher for a LONG time. These challenges should hold me for quite a while...especially after discovering that The Art of Eating is an omnibus!

  7. What a nice list! So many challenges, I can't keep up with them all. Wish I could. Glad you are enjoying the Russo!

  8. Stefanie -- The Bridge of Sighs is an example of really, really good writing! Thanks again!

  9. You're still going for The Art of Eating for the challenge? You go, girl!

  10. Orpheus -- That challenge lasts from September - February, which gives me 6 months. So, ever hopeful, I'm leaving it in.

    Not that I have any great guilt about not completing a challenge; sometimes the effort is beneficial in and of itself. I HAVE to think that way because otherwise I'd feel a failure at so many things!

  11. I've got lists going with some possibilities for these two challenges. I looked over some books I have listed in other challenges and books on my TBR list and decided on the theme of bones. Weird, I know. Travel sounds much more uplifting and wholesome.

  12. Cheya -- I am susceptible to titles with either snow (winter, etc.) or bones in them. Can't wait to see what you come up with!