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Friday, June 18, 2010

A Bad Day for Pretty

Littlefield, Sophie.  A Bad Day for Pretty.

An ARC from Minotaur Books, the novel features middle-aged avenger Stella Hardesty, owner of a sewing shop and dispenser of justice to abusive men.  This is the second novel in the series, but I haven't read the first. When offered a review copy of a protagonist in her 50's, I couldn't resist.

Background:  Stella endured an abusive husband, and in self-defense, killed him.  Her current role involves helping abused women.  The background was, no doubt, explained in greater detail in the first novel, but is easily picked up in this installment.

From victim to guardian and very private pursuer of justice, Stella has gained quite a reputation as the go-to-gal among a clandestine network that attempt to aid women who need to escape from their own private hells.

This time, Stella finds herself trying to help dear friends when the husband is accused of murder.   She is also trying to advance a romance with the local sheriff, but there is a little conflict of interest in the case that gives a bit of problem.  And then, there is the sudden appearance of the sheriff's ex-wife.

A fun mystery with some great characters and a feisty older heroine who is all too human.  This might fall in the category of comic crime fiction.

Fiction.  Mystery.  2010.  292 pages.


  1. Comic crime fiction sounds fun.

    Thanks for the offer of The Ice Princess. You're so generous. If you'll send an email to shaneen at easilink dot com, I can reply with my address.

  2. I stopped by your blog today. This looks like a fun read. I like the MC Beaton books. Agatha Raisin - her protagonist - is in her 50s I believe.
    Ann Summerville
    Cozy In Texas

  3. Thanks for stopping by Ann! I enjoy older protagonists, and Sophie is quite a character.

    Bybee - It was fun. A light read and quick!

  4. Ok this one sounds really good. Really good. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  5. In its category, it is pretty good. My favorite mystery/crime writer is Reginald Hill, but every once in a while, I want a cozy, a light read, a relatively fun read even when there is a murder or two!