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Friday, June 04, 2010

Blindman's Bluff

Kellerman, Faye.  Blindman's Bluff.

Kellerman's series about LAPD's homicide detective Lt. Peter Decker and his wife, Rina.  Decker is called to the murder scene of wealthy (very) magnate Guy Kaffe, his wife, a maid, and two guards.  Two other guards are missing.

Kaffe's son Gil survived and is hospitalized, but is unable to provide much help.  As Decker and his crew try to determine motive and suspects, his wife Rina, in the course of her jury duty, meets an interesting character. Brett Harriman is a blind translator for the court, but carries himself so well that it is not immediately obvious that the man is blind.  He overhears two men discussing the crime in Spanish, but is unable to see them.  He asks Rina, to give him a description of the two men.

I think Harriman gets short shrift in this novel and is by far the most interesting character.  In fact, he'd make a great main character.

The novel kept me involved until nearly the end when the resolution seemed a bit hurried and sloppy.  There is a nice scene after it is all over, however.

finished in May

Fiction.  Mystery/Crime.  2009.  400 pages.

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