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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vaughn, Dennis.  The Price of Revenge.

An ARC from Phenix & Phenix literary publicists. 

From Amazon's Product Description:  David Fox has a life anyone would envy-a flourishing career as a lawyer, a condo in Denver, and a beautiful girlfriend, Ellen-until he begins investigating a lawsuit against the Denver City Ballet. It seems like a commonplace allegation of misspent funds at first, but soon David finds himself caught in a web of blackmail, betrayal, and dark secrets. To escape, he'll have to answer some uncomfortable questions: Who was responsible for the embezzlement, and how far will they go to cover it up? What precisely is Ellen discussing in those sessions with her psychiatrist? And is telling the truth worth losing everything? The Price of Revenge follows David across boundaries both professional and personal as he tries to find his way out of the maze of intrigue into which he has stumbled.

 I didn't like David, who wants to see himself as a model of integrity, but seemed unable to recognize the lack of integrity in his personal behavior.  Even his "integrity" in his career choices often seems self-motivated and reactionary.

None of the characters are well-rounded; the plot doesn't seem to know where to go.

Fiction.  Legal thriller?  2010.  289 pages.

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