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Monday, July 12, 2010

Hush by Karen White

White, Kate.  Hush.

Definitely not my kind of mystery. 

After a one-night-stand, Lake awakes and goes out on the terrace where she falls asleep.  When she wanders into the apartment at daylight, she finds her partner dead, his throat cut.  So does she call the police?  Nope.  She hightails it outta there because she's going through a divorce and custody battle, and it might not look good for her.

Her behavior never gets much smarter throughout the novel.  If you are worried about custody and your lawyer has warned you not to engage in any romantic activity that might cost you your kids, if you know the guy isn't serious and you sleep with him anyway, if you find your bed partner dead and then take off...well, your decision-making abilities are faulty to begin with. 

 Weak characters, plot, and dialogue.

Fiction.  Mystery.  2010.  341 pages.


  1. Several years ago I attended an authors luncheon and Kate White was one of the speakers, she was very funny so I looked forward to reading her book. Can't remember which book it was but I couldn't finish it--same issues you mentioned.

  2. I wondered if I just happened to pick up one that wasn't as good, but maybe this is kind of a formulaic signature. I don't think I'll try any more of her books, but I would enjoy hearing her speak. :)

  3. Oh no, I don't think I'd like the main character at all. I'd probably be yelling at her for being so dumb and leaving the crime scene! I don't think I'd be finding a lot of sympathy for her :)

  4. Iliana, I didn't have much sympathy with her for several reasons. She was pretty annoying!

  5. Ouch! Love the honest review. I hate annoying and stupid characters

  6. bookmagic - :) This is an author that appeals to a lot of people, but she just isn't for me.