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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Halloween and Yoga Books

I still have several books to review, but I've been busy playing with Halloween stuff.  A Halloween tree and some small ornaments are in progress.

Since I'm not in the mood to review my recent reads,  I'm going to share some of my yoga books.  I've gathered them all together, but they will soon return to my various reading spots and to the shelves.
I didn't care for Yoga for Anxiety much, or for Breathwalk.
These are excellent.
I was trying to get a better picture of this one, and Stinker got curious.
She does "cat" pose better than this, but she wasn't really trying.
 These are my favorites, pulled from the various stacks; these are the ones I keep out for rereading and research.  You can see the book marks sticking out of some of them, and all of them are well high-lighted.
Click to enlarge.

I have no idea how many times I've read some of these, but on each reading I process a little more of the information or understand something for the first time.  That learning plateau is always in action.

Although these are my favorites, I frequently pull out some of the others when I'm looking for something in particular.


  1. Hey there. I feel like forever since I've been able to stop in and visit and what perfect timing!

    I'm loving your Halloween decorations. So cute. And, I'm in awe of all those yoga books you've read. My yoga studio has books they sell and I was looking into A Year of Living Your Yoga and thought that looked very readable. Did you enjoy that one?

  2. Halloween and yoga! What an interesting combination. :) I love your decorations. Like Iliana, I'm in awe of all the yoga books you've read. I think I'm in need of yoga. I'm turning into a stiff, middle-aged thing.

    Stinker is so pretty. Love that pic!!

  3. I love to collect and read books on a subject I love and then over the years read and re-read them, sometimes repeatedly. One of the benefits of growing old. You are certainly making the most of yoga.


  4. Iliana - Well, after your trip to Germany and your cold, you are just getting back into action! Judith Lasiter's book has some nice things to think about, and I did enjoy it, but there isn't much to it. I'd like to read something of hers about restorative yoga.

    Bookfool - The decorations are coming along...slowly. But I don't know how I will be able to display the tree and ornaments because of our Triad of mischievous cats!

    Yoga does help me get over the stiffness!

    Mary - I do love collecting books on particular subjects that become great reference material. I have a bunch on quilting, embroidery, etc. that I enjoy the same way!

  5. Cute little Halloween-y folks! You've got a lot of yoga books! I have a few I keep in the room where I do yoga so I can check on exactly how to do a pose. But mostly I do the same ones I've done forever. Downstairs, I have yoga dvds by Lilias, Megan Garcia, and Peggy Cappy. I do different poses with their guidance.

  6. I love your Halloween decorations, they are so cute!

  7. Nan - I have some good yoga DVDs, but since I don't have a way to watch them upstairs in the studio where I do my yoga, they have been neglected lately. I like having them, though!

    Stefanie - Thanks, I love playing with clay!