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Saturday, September 04, 2010

The Whisper by Carl Neggars

Repetitive, repetitive, repetitive....
Too many characters with absolutely no purpose in forwarding the story.
How many times can you mention "five star hotel"?
How many times can you mention the (over 20) characters who remain names only?
How many times can you mention 3 or 4 in one sentence?
How often can you mention Ireland? 
And bounce between Boston, Ireland, and London with impunity?
How many times can you mention the back story?

Fiction.  Suspense? Mystery? 2010.  331 pages.


  1. Oh, that's too bad. I read a book recently where the author described this one characters corded muscles way too often (and it wasn't a romance). It gets old fast.

  2. Oh, well. I have to say I won't bother with the preceding books in this series.

  3. I've gotten fed up with Neggers recent efforts too, although The Angel was ok. I've pretty much given up on her and plan to get rid of all the novels I own of hers. Sad. Frustrating.

  4. I wondered about how this one got past the editors. This is the only thing I've read by Neggers, but there won't be any more.