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Friday, October 29, 2010

The Affinity Bridge by George Mann

 I finished The Affinity Bridge, but was disappointed in this novel.  The characters didn't work for me, nor did the plot.  It was outlandish, which is fine, but beyond my ability to "suspend disbelief" -- and I'm pretty good at suspension.  Had to force myself to finish the last pages, but finish, I did.

I'm finding steampunk so variable.  At heart, steampunk is fantasy, but as with any novel, the author's ability to create believable characters (even if in unbelievable settings and plot) is paramount.

Including dirigibles, automatons, a revenant plague, an asylum, a mad scientist, and steam engines isn't enough for a good story, and sharing a good story with characters the reader can care about matters in any genre.

Lots of intertwining plots, but I found reading this one a chore.

I did like the cover!

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Fiction.  Fantasy/Steampunk.   336 pages.  2009.


  1. Too bad about this one. I had it out from the library but didn't get to it. I've been very curious about the steampunk genre and have wanted to try something good. I am usually pretty good about suspending belief, but sometimes things don't click even with an open mind. Too bad about this one. Do you have a good steampunk novel to suggest?

  2. I liked Soulless, but I'm new to the genre so I'm looking for good ones, too. Kathryn Langrish suggested Philip Reeve, so I'm going to try his books.

  3. I think I added The Affinity Bridge to my wish list primarily because I love the cover. I'll have to check out some of the other reviews and ponder whether or not to bother with it. Sounds like a bit much.

  4. Some people loved it, so checking other reviews is a good idea!

  5. Oh darn, I'm sorry you didn't enjoy this one. I liked it a lot but it was the first steampunk novel I've tried so I couldn't compare it to others. I'm going to have to check out some others and see how it goes. It does have a good cover though :)

  6. Iliana, an awful lot of people liked this one, but it just didn't appeal to me. I'm not sure the genre is for me, but I'm going to keep trying!