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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Ghost in Trouble by Carolyn Hart

Ghost in Trouble in the third in a new series featuring Bailey Ruth Raeburn by Carolyn Hart (author of the Death on Demand series).  Not a ghost, but an emissary from the Department of Good Intentions to assist those on earth who need help, Bailey Ruth is assigned to protect Kay Clark who finds herself in danger as she investigates the death of her former lover.

Less than completely dependable emissary in many ways, Bailey Ruth is good-hearted, if head-strong (and self-involved), and her failures to follow all the Precepts of the Dept. of Good Intentions might keep her supervisor a bit on edge, but often turn out for the best.

Initially, I wasn't sure I'd care for this cozy, but it grew on me. I did get tired of the emphasis on wardrobe changes and references to her red hair, but I ended up enjoying the novel.  Enough to go back and pick up the first two in the series?  Probably not, but if I ran across them on the library shelf, I wouldn't turn them down.  Fast and light.

Fiction.  Mystery/Cozy.  2010.  276 pages.

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