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Saturday, November 06, 2010

How To... :)

Received an ARC from Hudson Street Press:  How To Raise Your Adult Children by Gail Parent and Susan Ende, M.F.T.  Erin and Amelia need to be prepared.  Mothering never dies, even if it does fade away.

From the book jacket:  " this irreverent yet practical guide, two professional women with adult children provide a much-needed dose of perspective for the millions of us who (wrongly) assumed that we'd be finished raising our children once or kids legally became adults."

Other praise:

"How to Raise Your Adult Children would be a great book for every parent in the world except me.  I don't need it.  My Melissa is a perfect child.  And if she continues to be really nice to me, I'm going to tell her which of my jewelry is real."  --Joan Rivers

"I love this book.  It begins where Dr. Spock left off.  If only Mama had it, Eunice wouldn't have been so  aggravated."   --Carol Burnett

Sounds like I might really like this one!

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