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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Poems on Demand

"You can't order a poem like you can order a taco,"  says, Naomi Shye in one of my very favorite poems, 
"A  Valentine for Ernest Mann."

Ahhh, but now you can!  Jacqueline Suskin operates the Poem Store  and will create a poem for you.  Examples here.  How cool is that?  To be able to spin an idea into gold, just like that, in a minute, with a typewriter on your knees!

I love Naomi Shye, and I love "A Valentine for Ernest Mann," AND I love Jacqueline Suskin; although I've never met her and never will, I will spend lots of time thinking about the subject I will choose for my poem.

Here is a visual poem of Bryce Eleanor's visit.  Last night, she put all of her hair bands in her Granddaddy's boots, then emptied all of the hair bands out, and stepped her tiny feet in. 


  1. How precious your visual poem is! What a fun link, thanks for sharing and thank you for stopping in to visit. I hope you have a beauty filled week!

  2. Thanks, Miss Sandy! I enjoyed my visit and am glad you enjoyed the link to the poet.

  3. Iliana - I couldn't write a poem, even a bad one, in a week! She's pretty darn good!