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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Studio Overload

The last few days have been busy ones in the studio.  A rush of ideas and possibilities, and I will stop whatever I'm working on and begin something new.

  Sometimes that only means hunting and gathering items that come to mind to use on the project.  I'll rummage through fabric scraps and abandoned fabric pieces, through old jewelry parts and beads, through the various junk vintage items I've collected, through ephemera and embellishments-- and sometimes find items that might work.

At other times, it means beginning a new Eccentricity right then, in fabric or clay, using a new shape or with a new idea in mind for a particular item.  A phrase, a quote, a lyric from a song, seeing a camel made of spoons, whatever....  Sometimes, I'll just jot down notes that get lost or buried and then find them again.

And then I have to begin something with that idea in mind.  Occasionally, this means that in spite of having so many other works in various stages of completion, I'm compelled to put them aside and start several new projects at once.  The enthusiasm for a new project is often transient, so I have to make an immediate effort.

This is what happens:
Chaos.  At which point, I have to stop and clean up, place things in little boxes or baskets for assorted ideas, and clear some space to work again. 

This is where I am now.  Preparing to create a clean workspace here and at the sewing machine.  If I don't get distracted....


  1. Looks like the sign of some wonderfully creative and fun projects!

  2. I've already gotten distracted. Half way through the clean-up, I'm making a mess again!

  3. My studio has ever looked like that, but it shows you have been working hard! HUGS!

  4. :) Cleaning up is an on-going process, isn't it? I'm just not able to keep at it when the ideas come. It looks a little better now!

  5. Hi Jen,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am more than happy to put the tutorial on it, check back on Wednesday and I should have it up by then, my goal is to have it today, but I usually miss my goal!

    Thanks for the comment they mean a lot to me!

  6. Thanks, Jeanine, I'm looking forward to it. I love the way your project turned out!

  7. Oh I love it! I love to see studios of other creatives. You know to see what we have in common or what I need to add to my studio! haha....

    I spy a heat gun - I have one exactly like that. Worse moment with that was when I burnt a part of our living room carpet. Luckily not in our new house!

  8. Iliana - Well, you've seen mine at its worst. The good part of that is that when it is at its worst, I've been busy!

    Can we see a before and after on your studio tour?