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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Damaged by Alex Kava

Damaged  is the first Maggie O'Dell novel I've read, but there are 8 previous novels in this crime/mystery series.  O'Dell is a criminal profiler for the FBI and is sent to investigate a fish cooler found floating off shore near Pensacola Beach.  The cooler contains body parts.

To add to the tension, a category 5 hurricane is approaching the coast.   Maggie's friend Col. Benjamin Platt is also in Pensacola Beach trying to determine what is killing recent military amputees.  Are the two events related?

Interestingly enough, the minor character of Liz Bailey, a Coast Guard rescue swimmer has more going for her than the protagonist.  The details involving what is entailed in her job as a rescue swimmer are the best part of the book.  She has more personality than the heroine.

The plot, the bad guy, and the mystery of the body parts are easy to predict.  Not bad, but certainly not great. 

Fiction.  Mystery/crime.  2010.  255 pages.


  1. I admit this one didn't win me over completely. I liked it, but was underwhelmed. I do want to go back and try the first book in the series. So many people like it.

  2. LF -I plan on checking for some of the earlier novels at the library. This one seems to have been a bit of a departure from her earlier novels. I didn't want to abandon it or anything, but just found it a bit predictable.