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Sunday, March 10, 2013

No Child of Mine by Susan Lewis

No Child of Mine is from Net Galley, Random House-Ballantine.  Release date for this republication is May 13, 2013, but you can also get the original 2012 publication.

Alex Wade is a social worker and dedicated to her job.  When she first sees little Ottilie Wade, she immediately register both concern for the child and a strange attraction.

While you definitely want to know the story behind Ottilie, there are sections that are difficult to read as any kind of child abuse always is.  The attraction of Alex for the child is kind of weird and pounded in as if we might miss it, and I found this a distraction.  Kind of "Whoa, let it go!  We get it, already!"  The many subplots, some of which didn't seem necessary, at least in the detail/pages they took up are not always resolved.  The book would have been better if it had been severely edited and pulled together more tightly.  The conclusion...unlikely.

While I really wanted to find out what happened, there were plenty of  things that bothered me.  The book is being republished because there is a sequel due out, but I read an excerpt that was included with the ebook and won't be reading that one.

ISBN-10: 0345547756

Original publ. 2012.  Repub. 2013.  print version 576 pages.

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