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Monday, April 01, 2013


Still gardening.  Still reading gardening books.  And mysteries, naturally.

 Some days have been ten hours or more, and we've been working since the end of January...more than two months.  I've done the paths and the rock beds, Fee's done the wood raised beds, the fence, etc.

Mostly weekends or after work for Fee, but I sometimes stay at the cabin even when he can't come so I can get up and get right to work.
I'm reading my garden books when I rest (which, as a day progress, becomes more and more frequent).  Checking my highlights and marginalia in my older garden books and flagging, highlighting, and writing in my most recent acquisitions.  After dinner, on to the fiction!

More here.

Recently finished:

The Burning Air by Erin Kelly
The Ophelia Cut by John Lescroart
 Claws of the Cat by Susan Spann
--all ARCs from Net Galley, all good!

Still in progress, even if slow:  

The Queen's Agent:  Sir Francis Walsingham and the Rise of Espionage in Elizabethan England by John Cooper.  Boy, the Protestant/Catholic situation was a deadly affair.  When we think of religious persecution, Bloody Mary comes to mind, but Henry VII and Elizabeth (usually pressured by Walsingham) certainly added bodies to the pile.

Some of the newer garden books I'm reading:

Creating a Forest Garden:  Working with Nature to Grow Edible Crops by Martin Crawford
Newspapers, Pennies, Cardboard, and Eggs by Roger Epsen
Easy Garden Projects to Make, Build, and Grow by Barbara Pleasant


  1. Your garden is looking wonderful! I have also just requested all three of the garden books you mention from my library. Everyone else in Minneapolis has requested them too it seems!

  2. Stefanie - :) The Forest Garden book is a real tome, big and heavy. The others are full of great ideas, too. You will enjoy them all in different ways!

  3. The garden is looking wonderful! I would love to get into gardening, but the ground here is terrible. :( Maybe someday if we move...

  4. Thanks, K! Our soil isn't so great either, but we are using raised beds so that we can amend some of it.

  5. You seem to have a beautiful garden! I hope to have one of my own one day when I can afford a house of my own. :-)