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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Child Garden by Catriona McPherson

The first few pages had me wondering whether or not I was going to like this book, but then--the next few pages pulled me in, and I found myself unable to put The Child Garden down.

On a dark and stormy night (!), Gloria Harkness leaves the care home where her son Nicky resides and almost collides with another car on the isolated road.  To her dismay, the car turns and follows her home.  She hopes she is mistaken, but a knock on her door proves her wrong.  As it turns out, her visitor is Stig Tarrant, a friend from her childhood with a strange story to tell.

He relates several recent events that led him to be on the same road as Glo.  He was supposed to meet April Cowan, an old classmate from the hippy school he attended briefly 28 years ago.  A school that disbanded after the death of ayoung student. April's communications appear vaguely threatening.  Stig is clearly upset by the situation, and Glo can't help but remember the tragedy that occurred decades ago.

Glo decides to accompany Stig  to the huttie, a place of great significance to those who attended the school, to meet April.  April, however, will never meet anyone again; she has apparently committed suicide.  Is Stig being set-up?  Is he telling Glo everything that happened that night nearly 30 years ago?

An unusual story, and the twists kept coming.  What really happened 28 years ago, and what really happened to April?  

I was unexpectedly captivated by Glo, who at the beginning sometimes annoyed me.  I hope others will find this novel as compelling as I did.

:)  I was especially grateful as I've relegated several recent NetGalley offerings to the DNF pile.  

NetGalley/Midnight Ink

Mystery.  Sept. 8, 2015.  Print length:  336 pages.


  1. Sounds good. I'm excited that I'm going to get to go to Left Coast Crime mystery conference in February. It's being held in Phoenix and Catriona McPherson is one of the main guests. I'll keep this book in mind. I need to start saving my pennies because I know I'll have a book or two or several that I want to get.

    1. Lucky you, to be able to attend the conference! :) Yep, I bet you could spend a penny or two--what fun!

  2. This sounds very intriguing! Adding it to my wishlist. :)

    1. I hope you will read it, Melody--I'd like to see what you think!