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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Mail Art & A Month of Letters

I've made it through the second week of A Month of Letters, but this morning, I realized I didn't have anything for today's mail.  Yesterday, I spent the day with a friend--drinking wine and reminiscing...only realized this morning that there was nothing to put in the mail!  
Quick trip upstairs to find one of the postcards I'd made, write the address and a note, add postage, and then put it in the mailbox!  

This was a great week for incoming mail:

From Penny Baugh of Art Journey!  This sweet charmer says, "choose magic," but it looks like magic chose me--receiving this little character was such a joy.  She is now hanging on the wall on my studio, overlooking my desk!  Instant inspiration.

    From Rift when I joined the postcard exchange on Goodreads.

From Donovan Beeson.  I'm now a card-carrying member of the Letter Writers Alliance.
And, OOOOh, yesterday from Annie this beautiful quilted postcard!  Fabulous, right? Right!  She really IS the high priestess of borders...and more.

I ordered some stickers from Neandercol's Etsy shop and love the envelope she used to enclose them.
The stickers are wonderful, too--made from old postage stamps.
And there was plenty of outgoing mail, too.  Something went in the mailbox every day, including today's hurried effort to be sure I met the challenge.  Two more weeks to go!   

Bryce Eleanor will be arriving shortly, but maybe I'll have a chance to show the outgoing mail tomorrow.  No, I'll share one-- I used my favorite photo of the kid from 5 years ago to answer a Mail Art Call on Barbies.  Still cracks me up!

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