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Saturday, September 09, 2017

Clever and On Target

Tom Gault on saving time online

And More...

Can't help but laugh 
at Tom Gault's incisive humor.

How many of us recognize that library?


  1. There is truth in all of these. :-) Thanks for sharing, Jenclair!

  2. I love all three of these! That abbreviation for 'should read, probably won't' is my favorite with 'too long, didn't read' being a close second. And the library is great. Those books that're "read but can't remember a single thing about it" really made me laugh. :D Great post!

  3. lol. I love them all. Thanks for sharing, Jenclair!

  4. These are awesome. Of course my favorite is the library one just because that totally reflects my bookshelves :)