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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Books and Boxes

I ordered some more yoga books from Amazon.

Stinker had the best time playing in the box.
She would drop her ball in the box, then try to get it out from under a flap, lose it, chase it, and drop it in again.


  1. Jenclair, that YOGA FOR ANXIETY looks appealing to me. I think I'm going to order it.

    I'm making progress in my yoga practice. It's amazing to me how much I feel it in my body if I miss class. And it's also amazing to me how much I love it. It really feels right for me.

  2. Kay, I haven't begun reading it, but I did skim over it a little. Restorative yoga poses, which I know you've been involved with some restorative classes, and many of my favorite poses are recommended.

    However, most of the book appears to be about anxiety in general, self-reflection, and meditation so I'll have to wait until I get around to reading it to know how good it is.

  3. Stinker is so pretty! Boxes are the best toys. Looks like a ball with a box is even better!

  4. How is your yoga practice going? Since June I've taken up my practice to a whole new level for me. I've been practicing 5-6 times a week and it's been wonderful. I actually checked out Yoga Mind & Body Spirit by Donna Farhi recently... Didn't you recommend that one at one point? I hope you'll let us know what you think of your books. I may need to start a little yoga section on my bookshelves :)

  5. Nancy - Boxes are the best! And big paper bags are great, too. Stinker entertained herself (and me) for quite a while.

    Iliana - My practice is still going strong. I do my morning sadhana shortly after I get up and attend classes at least twice a week. I did like Farhi's Yoga Mind, but I've read so many good yoga books...and some not so good.

    I'll let you know what I think of this latest batch, but I've such a stack of TBR that it might be a while!