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Friday, July 16, 2010

TBR List

I've been adding books to my TBR list like crazy, even though my reading has slowed down.  Here are some of the titles I've jotted down in the last two days:

Blood Harvest by S. J. Bolton and author Dorothy Whipple- recommended by DanielleBlood Harvest sounds super spooky (sssss) and love the cover.  And I'm determined to try Ms. Whipple at some point.

Border Songs by Jim Lynch - recommended by Sam.  Sam says the characters remind him of The Confederacy of Dunces--'nough said.

Cherries in Winter, Dead End Gene Pool (I turned down an ARC, my bad), and The Passage - recommended by Nancy.

The Affinity Bridge - recommended by Iliana.  "Steampunk is making a comeback, and with this novel Mann is leading the charge….An engaging melodrama that rattles along at a breakneck pace.” —The Guardian"  Another cover to love.

Even though my reading has slowed down, I'm still experiencing book lust.  Is that a deadly sin?


  1. The Affinity Bridge is on my wishlist, although I have no idea where I read about it. I'll be looking forward to reading your thoughts about that one.

    Cherries in Winter and Dead End Gene Pool were both so-so -- not favorites (Dead End Gene Pool is sad, but fascinating for the glimpse into the Vanderbilt lifestyle) but I liked them; I hope you do, too. The Passage is my favorite of the three. I almost feel bad saying that. It's not like that book hasn't gotten enough attention, but what the heck. It's quite a ride and I loved it. I confess. :)

  2. Oh I had not heard about the Jim Lynch book but it's going on my list now!

    I know after reading Danielle's review of the Bolton book I definitely want to read it.

    I hope you'll enjoy Affinity Bridge whenever you get to it. Lots of fun.