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Thursday, January 11, 2007

More Books and more books and...

I've finished Voltaire Almighty. You see all the flags? Must go back and refresh myself on some of these points so I can write the review. Reading this biography was a rewarding experience, and I do want to read more about Voltaire and Emilie. Checked at the library yesterday, and they don't have copies of the other biographies I wanted, but they do have one called Voltaire in Exile which is listed in the bibliography of Voltaire Almighty. Unfortunately, I forgot what I was looking for while browsing, and so it will have to wait until my next visit. My time was limited, but can also look at getting copies through interlibrary loan.

Here is a stack of books that await my time. Which to choose next?

I've already gotten over half way through The Rest Falls Away - taking a desert after a full meal is always a pleasure.

My friend Beth also brought me a bag full of books that I'll need to get through as well. She waits at the door of B & N when a new book in one of her series is due--while she will wait for the next one to be published, once it is in print, there is no delay.

My library books (refrained from getting the usual number as there are so many books-in-waiting at the current time) -

Browsing led me to an old copy of one of Gladys Tabor's books of essays which I remember enjoying years ago. A biography of Anne Boleyn, another favorite topic. And more. Oh, again, all of my choices look tempting, which to choose to follow the adventures of Victoria in The Rest Falls Away...


  1. Hee, I love all the little flags! I use those too. Have fun choosing your next book.

  2. Hey, congrats on finishing that! Yes indeed, you have alot of flags!!!

    No clue what to suggest for the next read, you definitely have a wide variety there to choose from!

  3. I use those little flags, too. Very helpful when it comes time to review a book.

  4. You are always reading such interesting stuff! I love peeking in at your blog each day because I always discover something new!

  5. iliana - The flags save a lot of time, but since I read in different locations, I sometimes forget to pick them up with the book. Which is probably a good thing, given the number is this 'un.

    Carl - :) yes...fiction and non-fiction and all look good or come highly recommended!

    Les - The flags re-involve you in the reading, too, don't they. I often review more than the sentence or paragraph flagged.

    Heather - Thanks! I'm thinking now about how many blogs are full of "odd" shelves as Danielle mentioned. Books that don't appear to fit with the rest... I've never been particularly interested in French writings (other than Madame Bovary) but now find myself interested in French history, authors, and novels. Maybe even poetry, although translation there is more of a problem. Prose translations are probably more accurate.