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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Which Acronym Are You? Re-visited (more additions)

Updates on personalitiy types according to the Meyer Briggs test (from this post and comments) :

Dark Orpheus - IFSJ
Bluestalking Reader -
Lotus Reads -EFSP
Carl V. -
Andrew - ISFJ
Pages Turned (Susan)- INTP
Dorothy W. - INTJ
Acquisitionist - ENTJ
SuziQ - INTJ
Stefanie - INTJ
Deb R. - INFP
Framed - ISTJ
Debra Hamel - ISTJ (100% introverted!)

Angela - ESTJ
Cam - ISTJ
Ann - INTJ
Dovegreyreader - ISFP

:) The majority are, indeed, I's. You can check out the comments here.

I kept the page that explained the types pulled up and had fun reading the additional info and the famous people who fell into your particular type. I've enjoyed having this bit of additional knowledge available. Thanks to all of you who played! Anyone else who is interested should try it - most people found it to be very accurate.


  1. Very interesting -- I'm not surprised at all that so many book bloggers are introverts!

  2. Here's mine:
    slightly expressed extrovert
    moderately expressed sensing
    slightly expressed thinking
    moderately expressed judging

  3. Cool to see our personality types all together like that, Jenclair! I think mine is meant to read ESFP. Sorry for the typo in the earlier comment.

  4. I thought I had posted mine earlier. It is ISTJ (44/1/12/11).

    - moderately expressed introvert
    - slightly expressed sensing personality
    - slightly expressed thinking personality
    - slightly expressed judging personality

    Funny thing about this is that in practice, I think I am much more extroverted than I used to be, but although the type hasn't changed since I first took this >20 years ago, my numbers have shifted towards the center for N/S, T/F, P/J. Would have liked that more when I was younger -- because I really hated my 'type' -- but as I've grown older I've accepted that none of these are 'ideal' and I appreciate that one of the "famous" ISTJ in history is Doubting Thomas. How appropriate for me!

  5. I took the Myers Biggs some years ago and was astounded/horrified by the accuracy of the resulting description. I'm a very strong INTJ (53/35/35/53) and very symmetrical. I'm pleased to see Gandalf is also an INTJ. Good company that.

  6. I've found it again!
    Your Type is
    Introverted 11%
    Sensing 1%
    Feeling 62%
    Perceiving 22%

  7. Thanks for the effort of putting it all down. How fascinating!

  8. INFP: moderate all
    Introvert-56 (thought would be higher)
    Feeling-38 (thought would be higher)
    Perceiving -33

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who had trouble picking yes or no sometimes. Actually did it carefully. Reading up the types, I was really struck at how accurate one was: I really am torn between wanting to be alone, happy, engaged, etc. and the desire to be out in the world more. Solitude wins and my work of the moment seems to be acceptance that this is true. Thanks for such good fun--will pass it along to a few others. shana