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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

R.I.P - It's That Time Again

 I'm thrilled that Carl's R.I.P. Challenge is once again in play!  It takes very little to persuade me to choose books for this challenge as fall is the perfect time of year for the supernatural and for gothic mysteries.  The challenge lasts from September through October 31, but I often continue R.I.P. Reads through November because November is an ideal month for  curling up with a nice ghost story or two.
I've chosen Peril the First:   Read four books, any length, that you feel fits my very broad definition of scary. It could be Stephen King or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Ian Fleming or Edgar Allan Poe…or anyone in between.  

Carl has also added an additional category-- Peril on the Screen (Great Idea, Carl!) and I am adding this one as well. What great fun selections for this category will provide.  My husband and I were discussing Dark Shadows just the other day.  It may be available through Netflix, and of course, some of the really old Dracula movies and the Hammer Films (home of Dracula, Frankenstein, and Gothic Horror and classic horror stars Peter Cushing & Christopher Lee).

In an earlier post, I mentioned looking forward to this time of year and to this challenge, and now it's time to begin some serious selecting of both books and movies.
And time to get out my favorite tea towel.

Witches also come to the forefront at this time of year, and Katherine Langrish of Seven Miles of Steel Thistles has written several interesting posts about witches.  Drop by and view some of her witch posts (1 A Word About Witches, 2 Witches in Children's Literature, and 3 Queens and Crones).  They make great reading and may even provide you with some titles for the challenge.


  1. Love your tea towel!

    Please do check out the books I already read for RIP V.

  2. :) Thanks, I do, too! I can't remember where I bought it, but I love it and bring it out every autumn.

  3. Thanks for the links on witches, I will definitely check them out. I also love the tea towel! Happy reading!

  4. Kate - Katherine's post are really good; I always enjoy them!

    Stefanie - She is such a colorful little witch, isn't she?

  5. I love those old Dracula films with Cushing & Lee! They are the best.

    Good idea on including some Holmes. I have a collections and should put that on my list too. Have fun!

  6. Iliana - They will fit in with Carl's additional category of film, won't they?

  7. Looking forward to seeing what you read. Love your little witch :)

  8. I decided to join in this year as well, albeit a little late. My post will go up tomorrow. I didn't mention the Peril on the Screen, but if I can swing it, I may try that one as well.

    Good luck with the challenge, Jenclair!

  9. Rhinoa - She's a friendly looking witch, isn't she?

    LF -I love this challenge! I'm still considering both books and movies! Moving on to check out your post...

  10. I hope you have fun with your selections!

  11. Kailana--Keeping my fingers crossed!

  12. Love that tea towel!!!

    Darkshadows is available through Netflix and is even on the Watch Instantly option. We've been watching it little by little with our daughter using the X-Box Live connection on the tv. I'll be watching that and some Hammer Horror films as well. Good stuff!

    Great to have you in on RIP once again this year. My wishes echo Kailana's which is that each selection your read, or watch, would be enjoyable.