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Monday, November 08, 2010

This and That

Because I'm still in the creative mode, I'm not doing much reading, and I've actually got a couple in the stacks that I'm eager to get to...when I quit playing in the studio.

Received an ARC today:  Class Collision:  Fall From Grace by Annette Mackey.   Another one added to the stack just when I'm not reading much, but it is something to look forward to.

Sometimes I read a book a day, sometimes just a few pages.  I'm still managing a few pages a day in The Court of the Air and since I'm already nearly 500 pages in, I do want to finish it, may end up abandoned.  Forcing myself to read a few pages at a time hardly seems worth the effort.

I'm afraid I may have to give up on Steampunk novels.  I do want to try Philip Reeve (suggested by Katharine Langrish), but right now, I'm ready for more mysteries.

I've begun Operation Mincemeat:  How a Dead Man and a Bizarre Plan Fooled the Nazis and Assured an Allied Victory.  With a title like that, you might think it was fiction; but no, it is an account of a British intelligence operation in 1943 to deceive the Germans and make surprise landings in Sicily.  It is quite interesting so far.

How about these end tables on Etsy?  Bet some of you could make them yourselves.  I could have before I donated so many books to the library, an assisted living home, and Goodwill.

One would make a nice conversation piece.  It is always interesting to see what people can do with books...even people who don't read them.

I don't think I ever showed you the tee shirts I ordered for my lawyer/roller derby daughter.  From Caustic Threads on Etsy--aren't they cute? If you are into Roller Derby...or have a daughter or friend who is.  Erica even included free hand warmers with the package!    I love Etsy. 


  1. A fellow Etsy lover! Nice to "meet" you. Thanks so very much for your kind comment on my blog. I appreciate it so much and hope you'll stop back by!


  2. I love that end table! I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet but again I will go to Etsy first to see what goodies I find.

  3. Kelly - What can't you find on Etsy? I find things I never knew I wanted. :)

    Iliana - It is a great place for Christmas shopping, isn't it?

  4. Those are great! Isn't Etsy fantastic?!?! I've already ordered a number of Christmas gifts from artists on Etsy this year. Including Iliana!!!

  5. Carl - I do love Etsy! So many categories, so many artists!