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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Back to something I enjoy...

The 3 are still in progress, but I'm not really wanting to read them. Last night, to treat myself, I started the first in the series about Brodie Farrell and Daniel Hood by Jo Bannister. I like these little mysteries and have read 3 , but I now have the very first one and the second. Often have to read series backward, and while I might rather start at the beginning, it rarely presents a problem.

Will continue trying on Arthur & George and Ghost Writer, but they may have to be abandoned. A & G came to the point where George is going to be falsely accused and it said "they were the last normal 24 hours of his life." Mmmm. The harassment he has already endured is stressful to me, I'm not sure I need more. Ghost Writer is in separate stories, but beginning each new one is not compelling. The World Is Flat is fascinating, but often technical; it is also mine, not the library's, so I'm comfortable reading a chapter at a time without the sense of being rushed.

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