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Thursday, September 25, 2008

In Fury Born by David Weber

Weber, David. In Fury Born. Captain Alicia DeVries resigns from the Imperial Cadre because of a political decision to cover up a betrayal that cost the lives of all but 9 of Charlie Company, Third Battalion. She joins her family on the developing planet Mathison, and several years later, returns home to find her family dead or dying, massacred by space pirates. 

 With her Cadre training and enhancements, Alicia manages to kill all the pirates who have attacked their remote home, but in the process receives fatal wounds. And yet...

 When rescuers find her, they are amazed and bewildered and not a little frightened. Alicia becomes a medical mystery and a very dangerous patient. What she actually is would be even more unbelievable to her doctors -- because one of the Furies from early mythology has taken residence within Alicia and will help her take revenge on the murderers of her family and her planet -- for of the forty-one thousand inhabitants of Mathison, there were only 306 survivors. 

 The Fury Tisiphone has made sure that Alicia will live and be able to take her revenge; the two of them eventually are able to escape and steal an AI starship... And then there were three. I liked it. Another fast-paced novel with lots of action by David Weber, there are a few flaws and the book is long, but it was interesting and exciting. 

 Fiction. Science Fiction/Space Opera. 2006. 828 pages.


  1. Wow, that is long. I have never read David Weber before. I don't even have a book by him on my TBR pile! One of these days...

  2. That's interesting -- I wouldn't have pegged you as a David Weber reader, but you're pretty eclectic, aren't you? My son is a fan of David Weber's sci-fi. I'll have to look for this one.

  3. kailana - All of his books are long. Really long. I still have another one to review that was also 800+ pages. I may have overdone my Weber tolerance for a while. Three in quick succession may be too much.

    bookfool - :) I am a great fan. Your son has excellent sci-fi taste!