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Monday, December 29, 2008

Barnard, Robert. Last Post.

After the death of Eve McNabb's mother, a letter arrives from someone unaware of May McNabb's death. Puzzling statements make Eve aware that regardless of how well she thought she knew her mother, there are many things that she does not know, including much about her father who died when Eve was small.

Eve finds herself curious and begins trying to discover the truth about remarks the mysterious letter writer has made. With only a blurry postmark to go on, Eve begins by attempting to discover the individual who wrothe the letter, and then finds herself seeking other answers involving both her mother and her father. An interesting twist at the end answers her final questions.

This mystery is not the run-of-the-mill mystery in many ways, but was all the better for its unique approach.

Fiction. Mystery. 2008. 241 pages.


  1. Is this part of a series? I feel like I've heard the author's name before but can't remember. I like mysteries that are a bit out of the norm so I'll have to look for this one!

  2. This sounds intriguing. Thanks for the review, Jenclair!

  3. iliana - He's written other mysteries, but this one didn't seem to be part of an on-going series. Although, it may be open to one as Eve is considering taking a PR job with the local police force.

    LF - It was different, but very well done, I think.