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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Knock Out

Coulter, Catherine.  Knock Out.

An FBI/paranormal adventure that began well, but deteriorated quickly.  FBI agent Dillon Savitch is in his local bank during a bank robbery; the bad guys/gals are really bad, but Savitch manages to save the day.  This story line then becomes a bit superfluous as the novel progresses.  It crops up intermittently and is eventually solved, but has nothing to do with the other story line. 

The paranormal thread was initially intriguing; Autumn, a seven-year-old little girl, begins communicating telepathically with Agent Savitch, but as her Uncles Blessed and Grace enter the scene, the story begins to feel like a parody of evil.  If a family as perverted, powerful, and insane as the Backman's existed, it is doubtful that they would limit themselves to their tiny kingdom of Bricker's Bowl; with their powers, they could have taken over the world.  Of course, they were all crazy, and well, not too bright.

Fiction.  Mystery/Paranormal.  2009.  417 pages.


  1. I hate it when a story goes downhill like that! And I've heard so many good things about Catherine Coulter. How disappointing :(

  2. My mom really enjoyed Coulter's books, but I haven't read any. I'm sorry this one ended up being a disappointment, Jenclair.