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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Without Fail

Child, Lee.  Without Fail.

Another Jack Reacher novel, and I enjoyed this one even more than the previous one.   Reacher is recruited by M. E. Froelich (who knew his brother) to test the security around the Vice President elect, when the Secret Service discovers a threat.  Reacher contacts his former colleague, Frances Neagley, and together they find several holes in the security. 

When they present their analysis, Reacher and Neagley also assure Froelich that because of political considerations and the required public exposure of political figures, there are always going to be opportunities for assassination.  There are plenty  of plot twists that keep this novel a page-turner, and I liked the fact that the characters got a little better development than in Gone Tomorrow

Fiction.  Suspense/Action Thriller.  2002.  374 pages.


  1. Ooh - this is next up for me in this series. Hope to get to it soon. I love me some Jack Reacher!!

  2. SuziQ - I'm delighted to have discovered this series and plan on reading all that my library has to offer...then I'll see about inter-library loan!