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Friday, July 29, 2011

A trip to the library yesterday means there are a lot of novels in the book bag.  I'm trying not to dive in because I've got two books in progress that need to be finished.

I've also been downloading a bunch of light reading (mysteries, etc.) to my Nook for the trip to Edinburgh.  In addition to the fiction, I've downloaded The Ballad of Dorothy Wordsworth:  A Life by Frances Wilson after reading Dorothy's review.  I should be more than set for the long, long flight, any spare time while in Edinburgh, and the longer flight home.  Coming home is always longer, isn't it?  It doesn't much matter how far you've traveled, the trip there is always full of anticipation, and the trip home is always full of exhaustion.

I love my larger Kindle for reading at home when I've exhausted my interest in the TBR pile.  However, the Nook is better for travel, and a Nook the size of a paperback book can hold so many titles, so many entertaining hours.


  1. I have the first version nook, and I love it, but the new one is so small and lightweight!

    Enjoy your trip!

  2. Coming home is longer because you've got a headwind! But, yeah, the fact that you're worn out definitely makes it feel even longer.

    I took my iPad to England but I bought paper books and read them, instead. I'm so silly I belong in a vat of colored balls.

  3. I find traveling either way to be exhausting, but it is definitely more so when returning. I just want to be home and all the fun and anticipation of fun is behind me. It's really nice though traveling with an ebook reader loaded up with books. No agonizing over which books to take and how many and what if I read them all or what if I chose the wrong ones.

  4. readerofthepack - I'm not sure which version I have, but not the most recent. My daughter gave me the Nook so we could exchange books. I already had a Kindle, the larger size.

    Love them both, even if I prefer books most of the time!

    Bookfool - What a great expression: "belong[ing] in a vat of colored balls"! In our case, "a vat of colored balls" with cats to knock them around. Edgar has been playing fetch and knock about all morning with one of his colored balls! Hope Fiona and Isabelle are doing well at your house.

    Stefanie - No matter how much I enjoy a trip, when it is time to come home, the desire becomes overwhelming! Once a friend and I were offered $800 each by the airline (a lot more money in the 90's than it is now)and hotel accommodation for the night to give up our seats on the flight home, and we couldn't do it.

    E-readers are the best for travel!

  5. I hope you like the Wordsworth biography! And yes, ereaders are fabulous for traveling. I found that out on my Ireland trip this past May.

  6. Dorothy - I'm looking forward to this biography, although I'm hoping to save it for later. Not that I'm good at saving...!