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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Nightfall Gardens and Generation V

Nightfall Gardens by Allen Houston.  Supposed to be for a younger audience, but the novel seems a bit dark and grotesque  for the younger age range, and for an older YA audience, the lack of characterization might be a problem.  I found it hard to care about any of the characters, and this is the kind of novel that demands that you care about the danger the young people are in. 

 There are frightening experiences and grotesque and sinister characters that only elicited an intellectual response (from me),  but not an emotional one.  For macabre atmosphere and monsters are nightmarish, and yet the protagonists don't truly engage emotionally. I simply couldn't feel the appropriate concern for the characters despite the frightening circumstances.  The author mentions a reader as young as ten, so maybe my evaluation isn't the best, but I won't be reading more in the series.  Goodreads reviews are very positive, but I found it disappointing.

Neat cover, though.

"The beginning of a Harry Potter-esque series for those 
who prefer gross-out horror to magical whimsy."
 - Kirkus Reviews


YA/Horror.  2013.  249 pages.

Generation V  by M.L. Brennan.   Moves back and forth from an effort at being sincerely horrified at evil and just plain shallow--with attempts at humor.  Characters are thin and not particularly likable. Again Goodreads reviews are overwhelmingly positive, but I wasn't much impressed with plot or writing.


YA/Paranormal/Urban Fantasy.  2013.  319 pages.


  1. Hmm... I'll probably give this book a miss. It has a cool, atmospheric cover, though.

    1. I didn't find either Nightfall Gardens or Generation V really worth the effort. That, of course, is a personal opinion--neither book appealed to me, but I know they have appealed to others. It is always interesting to see conflicting opinions. :)

  2. This doesn't sound like something I would like. I'm so picky when it comes to horror.

    1. Actually, I've noticed that a lot of horror doesn't do much character development. Maybe I prefer "suspense novels" to "horror novels." The Kirkus review pretty much summed up my opinion for Nightfall Gardens.