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Monday, November 16, 2015

Two More Mysteries

Gwen Moffat's series about Melinda Pink is a new one to me.  The series began in the 1970's, and The Lost Girls was first published in 1998.  Miss Melinda Pink is aging, but still fit and sharp of intellect.  She has in the past been a justice of the peace and the director of an adventure center.  She is also a crime writer; her experiences echo that of the author.

The story centers on a  village flooded for a reservoir.  I always find the idea of towns and villages flooded for this purpose interesting.  Entire towns abandoned and then existing under water can't help but inspire the imagination.  In the Lakeland dale, one such village was flooded, but 45 years later, after a prolonged drought, the waters have receded.  

When a young runaway and her dog discover bones, an old mystery and disappearance is revived.  One that many locals would rather not have revisited.  Fortunately, Miss Pink is visiting friends and is able to unravel the decades old mystery of a missing husband and a missing child.  Miss Pink is a formidable force.

Although I received this from NetGalley, it is available free from Kindle Unlimited.

NetGalley/Endeavor Press

Mystery.  1998 and Oct. 2015.  Print length:  360 pages.

The Point Between by M.A. Demers is an unusual mystery populated by a dead novelist, one of her characters, and a dead detective.  

Lilly Harrington, a well-loved author for her mystery/romance novels, is discovered hanging in what looks like a suicide.  A very confused Lily finds herself at the crime scene unable to communicate with the detective and deputy who are present.  Marcus Mantova, the detective protagonist in her novels suddenly appears and offers his help.  Lily is just trying to make sense of Marcus' appearance when Penelope shows up. Penelope, a real detective murdered on the job, has a lot to say about Marcus--none of it pleasant.

The three ghosts (?) team up to solve Lily's murder.  A dark comedy.

I love the cover, but I'm not altogether sure of the book.  I was very hesitant after the first few pages, then grew intrigued.  It was kind of a see-saw with like and dislike--now, I do; now, I don't.

The idea of ghost detectives appeals to me, though.   

NetGalley/Egghead Books

Mystery/Supernatural.  Nov. 1, 2015.  Print length:  230 pages.  


  1. Yes, a ghost detective would appeal to me too. The whole idea behind The Point Between is intriguing. It doesn't sound like it was quite as good as the idea of it though. I might have to try it just for curiosity's sake.

    The Lost Girls sounds interesting too. I enjoy a good cold case mystery,and this one sounds rather different.

    1. I have to admit that both were interesting!

  2. Both of these mysteries sound like fun reads; too bad the ghostly one wasn't a little more up than down. Would you try these authors again?

    1. Yes, I probably would if they were offered on NetGalley. :)

  3. Melinda Pink sounds like an interesting character. And I'm quite intrigued with the plot and characters in The Point Between. I find the aspect of the ghost detectives both interesting and refreshing. I may want to read it at some point.

    1. Both books have something to recommend them!