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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Snail Mail Challenge Concluded

February has been full of mail, both incoming and outgoing.    
I want to share the mail from the last few days of the challenge.  

Outgoing Mail:

Incoming Mail:

A gator in the swamp.  :)
From Penne M.
I love the stamps she included!
I took them out of the tiny envelope
to show you.

Gorgeous hummingbird from Rift

 I sent a Birthday postcard to Papa Visione
for his 88th birthday,
and daughter Gina Visione
sent this to me!

 This cinderella stamp was on the back!

She had hoped for 88 birthday cards,
but received 103 to give her dad for his 88th birthday!

I can't believe she is replying to everyone of us--
Such good mail, too!

And I showed you Jack & Ginger's invitation
to the Critter Dinner yesterday.

 Best parts of this challenge:

I made some new friends,
corresponded with blog friends
(from this blog and those at Bayou Quilts),
and reconnected with an old friend!


  1. I love your envelopes art! They all look so lovely! I'm definitely can't wait to receive your letter, Jenclair! :-)

    1. Thanks, Melody! Your letter should be there soon!

  2. It sounds like your letter writing month was a big success. :-) You make me want to start writing letters again. I need patient pen pals if I do. Very patient pen pals. Haha

    Such beautiful stamps and artwork. Thank you for sharing your month of letters with us!

    1. It has been a fun month! Send me an email with your address, and I'll send you something, Wendy. :)

  3. It sounds like you had a fun month. I really would like to get back into sending and receiving postcards as the year goes. :)

    1. Let's exchange postcards, Kelly. You had a real thing going when you were doing your postcard thing awhile back!

  4. Beautiful mail because it is personalized and creative. That makes it such a lovely thing to give and receive. Good luck with all your postal designs and challenges.

    1. You are right--each one is like a gift. Some, like Gina's have little goodies inside, but the envelopes and postcards are gifts in and of themselves!

  5. You are such a creative mail artist! What a fun month you had.

    1. Thanks, Stefanie; it was a fun experiment!

  6. Thank you for sharing with us some of your your mail challenge in and out correspondence. It's inspiring to see and I'm so happy to hear you will continue. I look forward to seeing more of these posts! And, I hope to get inspired to send more snail mail out too. It's been too long!

    1. :) I've been working on more envelopes and some fabric postcards. Too much fun!