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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Snail Mail, Mail Art

Two books that I've read in the past several months, but haven't reviewed:

Snail Mail by Michele Mackintosh is a fun and crafty book with some good ideas for spicing up mail art and some free stickers, too.

I enjoyed it, and when I'm in the need of a little inspiration, I can check it out again.


Always First Class: The Pleasure of Personal Letters by Lois Barry is about letter writing, not mail art, and is full to the brim with the most wonderful quotes!

It's uplifting to get a letter--like an 'ooh!' in your mailbox.
            --Kate Spade

Everything is good, even having to write letters, because there are things one can write that one can't say just as there are things one can say that one can't write.
           --May Sarton to Margaret Foote Hawley

I live a solitary life.  My gregariousness is letters...
                                                       ---Donald Hall

I write to my mother every day, and of course in a daily letter you end up telling everything--stories, dreams, recipes, family, politics and the world.  I never read them again.  When I sit down and write while thinking about someone, the writing is much easier.
           ----Isabel Allende
     (who has written to her mother every day for thirty years)


A few examples of incoming mail:

From Wendy--
with a bookmark
a bookmark (front & back)
hand-made by the Marvelous Mouse!

from Suzie--
a cool postcard she found at Jazz Fest

Since this beautiful skyline is in Singapore,
you may have guessed Melody
from Connie, who always has creative envelopes

A couple of outgoing pieces.

Sending letters and postcards has been keeping me remarkably busy!  Many more examples are on my other blog. So much fun to make postcards and envelopes--and even more fun to find something cheerful in my mailbox, sit with a cup of tea, and read the letters!   


  1. I think I want both these books! And I love the envelope art. :)

    1. Although very different, I enjoyed both books!

  2. I want to buy the book - Always First Class. Thank you. I've never heard of it.

    1. The quotes in AFC are so interesting. I'm surprised at how many people have written about sending/receiving personal letters!

  3. I think I would love both of these books. I really want to get back into sending and receiving mail, but life gets busy and I haven't managed it yet!

    1. :) Life does get busy! I didn't have anything to read for 2 days and was forced to clean house.

  4. Both of these books sound like fun read! Love the quotes too! :-)

    1. I love quotes--especially about books and letters!

  5. Aw! Look, there's Mouse's bookmark. :-) She's so proud of it too. I am glad you like it. Both of these books sound like a lot of fun.

    1. She is an artist--love me that bookmark!