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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Evan Currie's Scourwind Legacy: Heirs of Empire and

Heirs of Empire by Evan Currie is the first in his new series The Scourwind Legacy. Although it does not compare to the Currie's Odyssey One series, I enjoyed this lighter scifi/fantasy mix.  

There is a backstory here that is only touched on briefly, but the book begins with the escape of General Corian, a traitor responsible for thousands of deaths.  Although Corian's escape is ultimately successful, the damage inflicted by Cadrewoman Mira Delsol is severe.  The General's forces manage to take the capital, and the emperor and his eldest son are killed; however, Lydia and Brennan, the emperor's younger children manage to escape.

Lots of action and futuristic weapons, interesting characters without a lot of character development, but this first book's purpose is mainly to set up future books.

It is quite different from the Odyssey books that I'm so fond of and has more of a YA novel feel, but it is fast-paced and fun.  Mira Delsol's role as the kick-ass cadrewoman keeps things moving.

(I received and read An Empire Asunder from NetGalley before finding Heirs of Empire, the first in the series.)

Kindle Unlimited

Space Opera.  2015.  Print version:  352 pages.

An Empire Asunder continues the battle between General Corian and the Scourwind heirs and their supporters.

The back story on General Corian's original attempt at a coup remains a blank, and although he sees his rebellion as an effort to save the Empire, the threat that motivates Corian is still unclear.  And he is a bit obsessive.  Obviously, if he must destroy thousands of lives and entire cities to save the Empire...the end justifies the means, and he is just the man for the job.

Lydia, as the older twin and heir to the throne, has assumed her role as empress, and Brennan trains for the cadre. However,  Corian and his allies are not finished yet.  There are traitors embedded everywhere who intend to do their best to see Corian succeed.  The Empire is, indeed, split asunder.

Former cadrewoman Mira Delsol has unfinished business with Corian, but as usual things go awry, and Brennan is left to warn the Empire--if he can escape in time to do it.

Like Heirs of Empire, An Empire Asunder is fun and suspenseful.  The characters have continued to develop, but they are still the archetypal roles typical of this kind of good/vs evil format.  While Lydia has a very small role in this one, I expect the next book will give her more attention.  It is Mira Delsol and Brennan, however, who keep the action going.

Scifi-lite but lively and entertaining.  

Read in Sept.; blog review scheduled for 10/8/16

NetGalley/47 North

Space Opera.  Nov. 15, 2016.  Print length:  334 pages.


  1. SciFi lite sounds appealing to me right now. I'll definitely check into this author.

    1. :) It is like YA SciFi, and I enjoyed it.

  2. Sounds good! I will have to check these out at some point.

    1. I like Currie's Odyssey One series better, but this series is fun, too.

  3. These sound like a lot of fun--like brain candy. I am hoping to spend much of November reading Science Fiction. We'll see how that goes.

    1. It is really like fantasy, but with a space setting. :)