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Monday, July 17, 2017

Crime Scene by Jonathan & Jesse Kellerman

A collaboration by the father/son Kellerman team, Crime Scene is the first in a new series featuring Clay Edison, a deputy sheriff with the Coroner's Bureau.

The death of Walter Rennert, retired psychology professor, appears to be the result of an accidental fall down the stairs, but his daughter Tatiana insists that it is murder, that the elderly man was pushed.  Although there is no indication of anything more, Clay feels an attraction to Tatiana, and slowly becomes interested in Rennert's backstory and the study of the effect of violent video games on adolescents that went so terribly wrong that left him guilt-ridden.

Well-written and well-plotted--an excellent introduction to a new character and a new series.

Sometimes the division of labor in a collaboration is obvious, but Crime Scene is pretty seamless.  Initially, I thought maybe Jonathan Kellerman would write the part of Alex Delaware, his well-known character, and that Jesse Kellerman would write the part of Clay Edison.  But no, Alex Delaware gets a mention (with some playful pokes), but does not take a role in this novel, and the writing is smooth and consistent--whole cloth, not patchwork.

Although I've read Jonathan Kellerman's Alex Delaware series for years, this the first book I've read in which father and son collaborate, and I've never read anything by Jesse Kellerman.  I need to rectify that situation.

Read in June; blog post scheduled for July 17

NetGalley/Random House/Ballentine

Crime/Suspense.  Aug. 1, 2017.  Print length:  400 pages.


  1. I've read most of the Alex Delaware novels and a couple by Jesse Kellerman and like him as an author too. I also read the books by the Mom/Wife Faye Kellerman and like them as well.

    1. Can you imagine the discussions that must go on in that family? I'd love to know how they navigate all the different characters family members have created!

  2. I would love to hear how they come up with the scenes & dialogue. Sounds like a great new series!

  3. Have not read Jonathan Kellerman's Alex Delaware series but this sounds like a great new series to explore, especially with the collaboration. Onto the wishlist it goes.