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Friday, August 25, 2017

The Fourth Friend by Joy Ellis and A Shadowed Livery by Charlie Garratt

After surviving the air crash 18 months earlier that killed his four best friends, DS Carter McLean is finally certified to be back at work, but is currently being kept to his desk and away from the field.   The problem is that in addition to suffering the expected survivor guilt, Carter sees his best friends.  Talks to them.  

DS Marie Evans is deeply concerned about Carter, and his psychiatrist worries that perhaps she has missed something.  

Carter feels that all he has left is his job, but he is excluded from the case that involves the disappearance of the wife of one of his dead friends.  Each of his ghostly friends has disappeared after Carter has done something for them.  Only the last friend remains, and the only thing Carter has to go on is "Suzanne."

The Fourth Friend is another great procedural from Joy Ellis!

NetGalley/Joffre Books

Police Procedural.  Aug. 30, 2017.  Print length:   

Antisemitism in the 1930's was not confined to Germany. England had its share of fascists (Oswald Mosley and his British Union of Fascists) and other far right prejudices.  The increasing number of refugees from Germany only exacerbated the feelings of resentment from certain elements of the population.

The book begins with Inspector James Givens witnessing the execution of a man who murdered a Jewish shopkeeper. 

Although Givens had been investigating the increasing number of attacks on Jews, his superior pulls him off that investigation when a murder and two suicides involving a wealthy and influential family takes precedence.  The notoriety of the case has the police scrambling, especially as the initial investigation was a bit precipitous.

Inspired by an actual case, A Shadowed Livery by Charlie Garratt appears to be a possible new series featuring Inspector Givens.

NetGalley/Holland House

Historical Mystery.  2015.  Print length:  262 pages.


  1. I've got to read one of these books by Joy Ellis. They all sound so good! I like the ghost connection in this one. :)

    1. I love both of her series! Great characters and intriguing plots in all of the Fens books. :)

  2. I don't know what it is, but I love the cover for Shadowed Livery. Sounds like an interesting start to a new series. Joy Ellis's book, however, especially interests me. Like Lark, I fund the ghost connection really interesting.

    1. The Shadowed Livery cover does work with the time period, doesn't it? The ghosts connection in The Fourth Friend was really well done!