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Friday, October 20, 2017


Reading can be an escape from reality or a confrontation with a reality that sometimes we would like to avoid, but sometimes, a literal escape from our everyday life is in order.  We took a short trip into the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas in hopes of finding some of the gorgeous fall foliage that is missing here at home.

The dry weather that has plagued us in northeast Louisiana for the last couple of months has meant that fall color is scarce here, but we discovered that drought has been a problem  in northern Arkansas as well.  Climate change--whatcha gonna do?  

We didn't see much fall color--little of Shelley's "pale, and hectic red" was to be seen and not much gold, but we did have a fine escape from the flat plains for the Red River Valley.  We went from the flat farmland, through the rolling hills, and up into the Ouachita National Forest and mountains.  Climbing up the hairpin, serpentine roads, passing through tiny towns and abandoned communities, and finally, to Mount Magazine and the lodge where we stayed.

The weather was perfect.  Cold in the mornings and evenings and in the 60's and low 70's during the day.  The lodge afforded gorgeous views of sunrises and sunsets.

We walked and hiked and enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere, avoiding our phones, news, and social media.   Although I brought my Kindle, I didn't even read.

Mount Magazine State Park offered a tranquil escape in a beautiful setting where every effort is being made to preserve the plants and wildlife of the region.  The state park is known for its birding and for its diverse butterfly population.  Thankfully, we didn't see any black bears, but we did see some deer.

Now that we are home, I'm now in the midst of Kelley Armstrong's latest Casey Butler book, and the goings on in Rockton are, as usual, dramatic!


  1. Beautiful photos! Glad you had such a nice time away!

  2. What a nice escape! And those photos are great. Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. What lovely photos! Sometimes a trip like that is just the escape you need.

  4. What beautiful scenery! It's so nice to get away and see new sights isn't it? Sounds like the trip was just what you needed!

  5. Thanks for sharing, Jenclair! That sounds like a wonderful trip to me. :)