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Monday, November 20, 2017

First Bookplate and a Few Recent Reads

The first known printed bookplate and other examples of early proof of ownership.

It isn't that I haven't been reading, but most of my books are from NetGalley and won't be published until 2018, so I hold reviews.

Look for Me by Lisa Gardner   (I like the D.D. Warren books that I've read and was pleased that Flora Dane was back in this one!)

The Undertaker's Daughter by Sara Blaedel  (I've only read one of Blaedel's Louise Rick series, and I enjoyed it.  But this is a stand-alone and this one takes place in the states, and I liked it even better.)

City of Endless Night by Preston & Child.  (You know--Special Agent Pendergast and all kinds of weirdness.  I may be getting a little tired of this series, but can never resist seeing what is happening to these characters--the ones who survive, that is.)

SINthetic by  J.T. Nichols.  (Synths were created to perform all the jobs humans despise; they have no rights; they are disposable.  This one is pretty dark, but makes you think.)

I saw this quote recently and it certainly struck a chord with me:

Warning-- Dates on calendar are closer than they appear.

Ready for Thanksgiving?


  1. I would love to see that exhibit of book plates. I don't use any but love the look of them. And, can I just say I'm jealous that you are so ahead on your reviews. I think I"m years behind! haha... That quote is so perfect for me!

    1. As much as I love looking at book plates, I don't use them either. I'm not ahead on my reviews, but I have quite a few scheduled -- which is an improvement. :/

  2. Awesome post. Your Preston & Child comment totally made me chuckle. I can't resist checking their books out either, even when I'm mad at them for killing off a favorite character. (Like Bill Smithback!)

  3. Looking forward to your reviews of these upcoming books. :)

    1. Eventually...says the procrastinator extraordinaire!

  4. Haha! I love your warning. Time has a way of creeping up on us faster than we expect. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

  5. And now we check the calendar for Christmas! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope yours was as well. :)