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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Tracee de Hahn's A Well-Timed Murder and Sara Blaedel's The Undertaker's Daughter

Last year I read the first book in the Agnes Luthi series by Tracee de Hahn--Swiss Vendetta which I thoroughly enjoyed.  A Well-Timed Murder is the second in the series.

Injured on her last case, Agnes is still on leave when she is asked by a former colleague to assist in the take-down of a criminal that she had chased in her previous job in financial crimes.  Agnes and her colleague are at the premier watch and jewelry show Baselworld, where the world's most important watch and jewelry brands present their latest work.  And so, as it turns out, is Julien Vallotton, who has come to ask a favor of Agnes.

Julien wants Agnes to check into the death of Guy Chavanon, whose death was listed as accidental.  Guy's daughter, however, believes there is more to her father's death than an allergic reaction.    

Something I never considered is how the introduction of digital time pieces affected the Swiss watch-making industry.  It appears that Guy Chavanon, who had a reputation for big ideas, but little follow-through, may have finally come up with something that might revolutionize the industry.   If so, and many doubt it, money and reputations would be at stake. There are also some goings-on at a distinguished boarding school attended by Guy's young son.

The setting in Switzerland is just one reason I like these books.  :)

Read in November; blog review scheduled for Jan. 18, 2018.

NetGalley/St. Martin's Press/Minotaur Books

Mystery/Police Procedural.  Feb. 6, 2018.  Print length:  352 pages.

The Undertaker's Daughter by Sara Blaedel is a standalone (or the first in a new series) and not part of her series featuring Louise Rick.  

It differs from Blaedel's other series: it is set in the U.S. rather than in Denmark and  the main character is a school photographer rather than a detective.

Some thirty years ago, Ilka Jensen's father deserted his family, and Ilka is shocked to learn that on her father's death three decades later, he has left her his funeral home in the U.S.  Ilka flies to Racine, Wisconsin to settle the estate.  She plans to sell the funeral home, but also to find out more about the father who deserted his family.   

However, when a body at the funeral home is vandalized, an old unsolved murder interferes with Ilka's plan for a quick sale of the business.

The Undertaker's Daughter is a rather quiet mystery, but an intriguing one.  I liked it and enjoyed the slower pace that had time for information about a business most of us would rather not discuss.  

Blog review scheduled for Jan. 18, 2018

NetGalley/Hachette Book Group

Mystery.  Feb. 6, 2018.  Print length:  336 pages.


  1. I'm planning on trying both of these. Want to read Tracee de Hahn's books before I attend Malice Domestic in late April. She will be there and was very interesting on a panel last year.

    1. I liked the first one best, but I enjoyed this one as well! I look forward to your reviews of this year's panels, Kay.

  2. I think I saw Swiss Vendetta but didn't pick it up. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'll have to keep a look out for this series. The Undertaker's Daughter looks good, too.

    1. I think you'd like both Tracee de Hahn and Sara Blaedel's books! I like Blaedel's Louise Rick series as well. :)

  3. This author is so at the top of my list! (Along with about 50 others, but...) ;D

    1. Those lists are pretty scary, aren't they? They just get longer and longer!

  4. A Well-Timed Murder sounds interesting. I have a thing for timepieces, and you know I enjoy mysteries. Sara Blaedel's novel sounds good as well. Sometimes slower mysteries are just what I'm in the mood for.