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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Rule by Ellen Goodlett

Rule by Ellen Goodlett is the first in a series (trilogy?) that begins with a king having his three illegitimate daughters located and brought to court.  The king of Kolonya decides to acknowledge his three illegitimate daughters only after his son and presumptive heir dies.  

The three young women are very different and quite amazed upon discovering not only their unknown father, but also that they have siblings.

Nothing especially new in this YA fantasy...except that (Spoiler)  the three girls eventually form a bond, supporting each other, instead of the expected cut throat competition for the crown. This was actually the thing I liked most, the siblings uniting.

Each of the daughters carries a dark secret, and each of the secrets could carry a dreadful consequence.  When the blackmail begins, who is to be trusted?

I enjoyed the first installment of this series.

Read in July; blog review scheduled for Aug. 25.

NetGalley/Little Brown Books for Young Readers.

YA Fantasy.  Sept. 11, 2018.  Print length:  384 pages.


  1. This one sounds kind of fun. Is the next book in the series out yet?

    1. I like YA fantasy and enjoyed this one, but it will probably be a year before the second book arrives. :(

  2. Sounds good. And I love that cover. :)

  3. I enjoyed it and am eager to continue the series!

  4. Does it have a big cliff hanger? The last YA fantasy novel I read and liked had a big one and I am still not over it. This one does sound good though--and I did read your spoiler and am glad to hear it. That is a nice change.

  5. I have not been reading any YA in quite a while but this one sounds good. I peeked at the spoiler and actually that would make me want to read it more. Seems a bit of a different take.