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Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Books for Kids of Any Age

I have a weakness for children's books, sometimes for the text, sometimes for the illustrations, and especially for those books with both.  Recently, I've ordered three (for gifts, but I get first read and enjoyment).  

Ordered in September, this delightful book
about love and friendship.  First published in 1965
and such perfect examples of what makes a friendship so wonderful.
I think I may order more of this one.  They are small
and affordable and perfect for an anytime gift for any age.

I Like You

Arriving yesterday:

Theophile Alexandre Steinlen loved cats and
sketched, painted, sculpted, and made posters of them.
The Artist Who Loved Cats

 One of Steinlen's famous posters.  1905

Written and illustrated by Lark's sister and brother-in-law,
If Monet Painted a Monster is almost as much fun as
the Newbold's If Picassa Painted a Snowman, which I bought
a couple of years ago as a gift, and kept for myself.
It is now part of my Christmas decorations.

One of my favorites is this take on Hopper's famous Nighthawks.

Some Halloween  Books for Kids

from picture books to chapter books to middle grade and teen

I have this one from when Bryce Eleanor was small.

I reviewed The Black Witch in 2017.

Now I must resist ordering more.  


  1. Fun post! I love kid books, too--as you know! The Artist Who Loved Cats is definitely one that I want to check out. (Because I already own If Monet Painted a Monster.) :D

    1. I love that both books about artists include information about the artists at the end. For both kids and adults, learning about artists can be fun and educational at the same time!

  2. Like Lark, I adore children's books. I can't even get rid of my old children's literature textbooks because of the illustrations and descriptions of children's books from decades past. I own a few but not as many as I would if I had grandchildren or even had great-nieces or great-nephews that lived closer than Virginia or Prague. I don't need another collecting "vice."

    1. I don't need another collecting vice, either! Sometimes it is hard to resist the beauty of some children's books, and I do know a few little ones that "need" books. :)

  3. Children's books are always so fun to read - both the stories and the illustrations. And most of all, they're great reminders of our childhood. :D

    1. A good book is a good book--and if has beautiful illustrations it is even better!

  4. Haaa, I am the same -- I get such a thrill out of reading and enjoying the books I get for my nephews lol Also I LOVE The artist who loves cats! That's one of my favourite pics in that imnage.

    1. Steinlen's posters are wonderful. I looked him up online and found gorgeous posters and fascinating pencil sketches, pen & ink, and paintings. He really did love cats!

  5. Oh I agree that "children's" books should not be limited to children. Thank you for sharing. Your post made my inner child smile!

    1. When my kids were little, there were books I didn't mind reading and rereading to them. There were others I wanted to hide after reading them once. Writing for children is a skill, and those who do it best keep parents in mind. How often will the book be reread and recommended and saved for when the toddler or child is an adult? :)