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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

This and That

I've not been doing much reading lately as too many other things have been taking precedence. Still working on the biography, but haven't been picking it up as often. There are certain elements that I didn't expect, like Von Arnim's relationships with her husbands and the effects of WWI on her life.

As usual when reading nonfiction, a break is needed, and I did sit down and read The Blue Castle by L. M. Montgomery all the way through. It isn't very long and reads quickly. I can see why it would be some people's favorite book and a great comfort read, especially if you associate it with your early reading experiences. It won't replace the Anne books for me as they are the ones I read at that early influential period in my life, but I enjoyed re-visiting L.M. Montgomery in a new way.

Received two new books on Alzheimer's activities and am disappointed in them both. They don't suit my purpose, although I'm sure they are useful in their own way. I had such a good time "exercising" with Laddie and the ladies last week out at the Cottage. The little group that participates in the exercise period come alive when handed a ball or a bean bag. They are not always sure about how to play the games, but they enter into the fun with gusto. The ladies are all fierce competitors whether or not they understand the general purpose of the games. Mr. P. won't play, but watches pretty closely, even if he pretends that he's going to sleep. When the ball comes his way (there are plenty of wild throws), his foot goes out to kick it back, then he shuts his eyes again.

The book stack continues to grow and is becoming quite intimidating.

We are planning to go to Baton Rouge Saturday to see the grandbabies; looking forward to seeing the new house, too, as Erin and Eric have completed their move. Can't wait to see Miss Mila and listen to her grown-up four-year-old conversation and to watch Max toddling around.

Yesterday, I had to go to the office for a meeting and saw Amelia and was able to feel the grandchild in progress and see the latest sonograms. Why, what a beautiful little girl already! She won't arrive until December, but then Mila and Max will have a cousin to play with.

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