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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Land of Ghosts by E.V. Seymour

Seymour, E.V.  Land of Ghosts.

An ARC from Midas Publications, UK.  Land of Ghosts is a suspenseful thriller that examines the Russia/Chechnya conflicts and the brutality on both sides.

This is Seymour's third novel featuring Paul Tallis, an MI5 operative, and I'll be looking for the first two in the series.  If you enjoy action novels and/or spy novels in the tradition of Robert Ludlum, these novels should fill the bill.

An undercover agent in Chechnya has been out of touch for a year, and his handler suspects he has gone rogue.  Paul Tallis is approached about a mission to bring the missing operative out; although he questions the assignment, he agrees because the missing agent is an old school friend, Graham Darke.

Tallis must infiltrate the rebel Chechen movement, find his old friend, determine his loyalty, and attempt to bring him home (willing or unwilling) in order to prevent the disintegration of Anglo-Russian relations.

Tallis finds brutality and corruption on  sides of the conflict, and while he sympathizes  with the situation of both regular Russian soldiers and ordinary Chechens, he is appalled at the behavior of psychopaths and sadists on both sides.  To add to the suspense, Tallis continues to question the motives behind his own mission.

Interesting characters, action, suspense, and a frightening look at the background of a conflict that Americans know little about. 

I couldn't find an entry for the U.S. Amazon, so the link is to Amazon, UK.    * note to
Margot Weale at Midas:  Thanks for this one, and I'd be happy to review the previous books!  :)

Fiction.  Action/Spy/Suspense.  2010.  441 pages.


  1. I like Russian suspense novels, I will have to check this one out

  2. book magic - Hope you can find it in the U.S. I only found it on Amazon U.K.

  3. I was offered this book as well, but have been indecisive about it. I wonder if it is too late to accept? It sounded good, but it's always nice to get the opinion of someone whose tastes coincide with yours!

  4. Danielle, I liked it and realized just how little we know about that conflict. Can't imagine living in either of those worlds--Russia or Chechnya.