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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Trials, Tribulations, and Happy Ending

I took my books back to the library on Sunday, but they were closing when I got there, so all I could do was give them my books and look longingly at the stacks.  Note to self:  Library Closes at 5:00 on Sunday.

I was back on Monday afternoon, but unfortunately, didn't realize that I'd left out a couple of books on Sunday.  When I got ready to check out, the new lady wouldn't let me check them out because one of the books (on making doll clothes) had been renewed twice.  Can't be renewed again. Can't check out any books until it is returned.

I pleaded.  (I'd read all of my ARCs.)  I offered to pay for the book now and bring it back on Tuesday.  No.

I said, "Please don't send me away with nothing to read."  Rules are rules and the computer wouldn't make allowances.  You must leave bookless.

I continued to prostrate myself, to beg, to whine.  I complained that I'd have to watch television!  It had no effect.  You may think I've exaggerated, but I assure you, I made an absolute fool of myself.  The new lady was nice, sympathetic even, but FIRM.

Dejected, dispirited, dismayed, disappointed, dis- everything, I left empty handed again!  One of my library friends rushed out to the parking lot to commiserate and said if it had been his computer it would have made allowances.  I told him I would survive.

Back again early on Tuesday with both books in hand, although only one was the problem. They had held the stack of books that I'd tried to check out the day before, so it was quick and easy and all was well in my world.

I'm once again a happy camper and will make every effort to get the "new lady" on my page.  Shoot, I've donated close to 100 books the library, always pay any fines cheerfully, and have been a familiar face for years/decades.  Not that I plan on finding myself in the same predicament again, but if so, I want everyone to know that I'm good for the books.

I've got two going at the moment, one by Erin Hart and one by Craig Johnson.  Both are keeping me happy.  Both of these authors were on a list of "best" crime books that I saw somewhere and jotted down titles and authors.

Craig Johnson's is a Sheriff Longmire mystery set in Wyoming and recommended by Wendy, that Literary Feline at The Bookish Kitty a while back.  The novel on the list was The Dark Horse, which I couldn't find, so I checked out A Cold Dish--the novel Wendy read and liked.  The sheriff and I are closing in on the suspect.  Well, sort of, I still don't know the guilty party but, thank goodness, it isn't one of my favorite characters who was in the running for a while.

I have one book to review and two in progress.  Life is good.


  1. Jenclair, first of all let me speak to the Craig Johnson book. Yea!! This is one of my favorite series and A COLD DISH is the first book in the series. I love Walt! I love wyoming! I love this series!!

    Next, to your library lady. Hmmmm...well, what I will say to that is I guess she was new and still trying to make a good impression on her superiors? Because, I find it very, very, very hard to believe that her program does not have an override in order to check those books out to you. All you were doing was incurring fines or more fines or whatnot. I guarantee there is an override. Positively guarantee. It is, of course, the staff member's choice whether to use it. All thise comes from my recent job at the library. At least they kept your stack. However, if you had come to my station...well, let's just say that I was a soft touch, mostly. Not always, but mostly. Glad it worked out OK.

  2. I have a librarian story as well, but I've decided not to share it. Most of the time, the librarians are great but I've learned to play by the rules.

  3. Kay- Me, too! I love Walt, and I love Wyoming! In fact, when I was small we lived in Casper, and I have some intense memories of the plains and the mountains, parades and rodeos,cowboys and Indians....

    Oh, I know librarian could have done it, but she was new and didn't want to break the rules. Which is why my friend rushed out when he realized what had happened.

    I actually kind of got into the begging scene, but while I was sincere about the disappointment, I was never angry. Love my library and my librarians!

    My husband died laughing when I told him. When he saw me settle in with my book last night, he asked if I'd recovered from my trauma. :)

    Framed - I honestly didn't know that if you'd renewed a book twice, not only would it not renew again, but you couldn't check out any books. I'm pretty sure this must have happened before in my almost weekly library visits over the 20+ years, but the librarians must have just used the override without telling me.

    And I will gladly play by their rules (we only have 2 week check-outs, some places have 3 weeks) because the library is the only way I can keep up with my habit!

  4. Wow, that's a pretty strict rule! I wonder if it exists at my library... They all know me really well, but there are a couple new people there this summer... I always forget to return books. I bring in a pile and of course forget the one that is actually due. It's the whole reason I get late fees! lol

  5. Kailana, it is pretty strict, isn't it? But like I say, the other librarians must have been bending rules for me for years without me knowing it.

    I do remember a few years ago when another librarian was new, she wouldn't let me check out a certain number of books on the same topic. I guess until a new librarian gets to know you, they prefer to play it safe.

    Whenever I pay a late fee, I think about the cost of 7-10 books and smile. I pay a few cents to read books that would have cost over a hundred dollars. Now that is a bargain, and I don't even have to store it!

  6. If I'd been the person at circulation I would have let you check out the books. She could have done an override on the system and considering what a good library user you are it would have been the right thing to do. But I'm glad they at least held your books for you so when you came back it wasn't as much of a pain as it could have been.

  7. I'm completely surprised at that rule. If my library had such a rule, my older sister would never have been able to take out another book. :p The rule at my library is if you have over a certain amount in fines ($25, I think), you can't take out any more books until you've paid down the fines to under $25.

  8. Stefanie - :) Thanks, Stefanie! I hope I didn't give the idea that I was angry, because the entire scene was so funny. And I know what it is like to not be sure of the rules (and the spirit of the rules) when new at a job. Poor me, had to watch television...:)

    Jenny - Ha! I think my largest fine ever was about $5; I always need the new books too badly to let them get too overdue. I think our fines are only about 5 cents a day per book!