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Friday, January 07, 2011

Merciless by Mary Burton

Merciless is Burton's second novel dealing with the characters in Senseless (reviewed below).  Senseless featured Eva Rayburn and Detective Deacon Garrison; Merciless features Eva's sister Angie and Garrison's partner Malcolm Kier.

Other characters from the previous novel also appear,  and some of the tentacles from the previous novel are examined.  Again, some gruesome aspects, but a fast read as we watch the developing relationship between Angie and Malcolm.  Angie faces some facts about herself, and Malcolm struggles to protect her from the danger he believes is directed toward her.

I'm sure Burton intends to continue with these characters and develop the series; at least, the book indicates that we are not finished with Eva, Deacon, Angie, and Malcolm...or the evil Cross family. 

In my review of Senseless, I noted some similarities with the style of Preston & Childs, but if you like James Patterson, you may see similarities to Kiss the Girls.

This was an Uncorrected Proof from Joan Schulhafer and will be released in February.   Thanks, Joan!

Fiction.  Crime/Mystery.  2011.  410 pages.

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