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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Book Is Like a Garden Carried in the Pocket

Portable entertainment, portable knowledge, books can take you anywhere and, in another sense, travel anywhere with you.  So many of us have a garden of books that we can appreciate at home or on the road, and now with an e-reader, we can carry our gardens "in our pockets" with ease.  

When I go to our garden in the country, I carry (in one form or another) a garden of books with me.  I already need a bookcase for the physical books at the cabin, and my Kindle travels back and forth with me providing more. There are physical books and physical gardens, and virtual books and virtual gardens.

The Physical Garden:

In spite of the threat of severe weather, I did go down to the cabin on Friday and returned on Monday afternoon.   Friday and Saturday proved heavy with the threat of imminent rain and wind, but it wasn't until Saturday evening that the downpour  arrived, and we lucky not to be among those who received the worst of the storms.

 Broccoli galore and the roses are blooming.

An apple blossom and peas and vetch that have 
reseeded in abundantly weed filled pastures.

More wildflowers.  Had to lighten the pics because of the overcast skies.

Sunday morning was fine, and I was able to get the front fence bed lined with rocks and more weeding done.

The Pretty Much Picasso petunias have spread themselves around their little rock bed.

The Virtual Garden:

From Friday through Monday, I finished more books.  I work until I can't stand the heat and humidity and then rest and read.  A lot.  And in the afternoon, sometimes my rest & read periods last longer than my work periods.

Still to review: Rapscallion,  Samurai Summer, The Dark Water, and Dead Little Dolly.  Currently reading Blood of Tyrants by Naomi Novik, the latest in the Temeraire series.  Sadly, I've missed several in this series after reading the first two, but I'm enjoying this one.

Monday morning in the garden reminded me a Gothic novel.


  1. Such beauty. Just looking at your photos has a calming effect on my spirit, Jenclair.

    Can you come put together my garden? ;-)

  2. Your cabin and gardens look serene from the photos and your descriptions--I know your garden didn't get that way by accident. The hard work is paying off! Your reading breaks are well-deserved.

  3. That last picture is very cool!

  4. LF -Thanks! Sitting on the back deck calms me, too. :) I'd love to put together your garden, but I have to admit that it there is never much of an organized plan to my garden design! Just try this, then this!

    Teresa - Although there are lots of accidents and mistakes, even they are the result of hours of work. :)

    Bybee - I love that tree, it has character even without the misty effect!