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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Did Not Finish

I've added to more titles to the DNF list.

The Fat Chef  by Fred Nath has an interesting premise, and I made it half-way through before deciding that the writing style grated on me, overwhelming my urge to discover what happened in the rest of the book.  In spite of being curious about how they disposed of Schiller, if Natalie was saved, what happened to the Jews hiding in the wine cellar, I just couldn't read anymore because I found myself distracted and annoyed by the simplistic style.  The sentences and dialogue often read like an elementary school reader, complete with repetition of key points much too often, as if the author wasn't sure we were capable of understanding or remembering.

Without reading nearly as far, Swimming with Sharks by Nele Neuhous made the DNF list.  Reasons:  didn't really like any of the characters, not that interested in either high finance or mafia figures, and possibly, the translation.  Perhaps the book reads better in German, but my indifference to both characters and plot relegated it to DNF.  I'd planned to read Neuhous'
Snow White Must Die, but am less eager now.

Both were from Net Galley.  I was having such a string of luck with Net Galley that it is a shame to have two in a row that I couldn't finish.


  1. I like your idea of a DNF List. I may be copycatting this idea for my blog. The number of lousy books that I have tried to read has skyrocketed this year. Even my favorite authors are having a down year.

  2. Violette - I always hate to have to abandon a book, but I already finish more books that should have been abandoned and there are so many books to read! I know the authors have put their hearts into their books, and the fact that they don't appeal to me is just one of those things.

    Especially unfortunate when, as you mention,it is a book by an author you like!